When these cute kittens realised that they were safe and protected, they showed their real personalities

What a quick rescue!

These two adorable kittens were abandoned by their mother, and were taken to a foster home. Their photo was shared on social media in order to find a forever home for them. Here a kindhearted woman named Maria stepped, when she saw the picture of these beauties and immediately connected with their foster parents.

Seeing that the cuties were defenceless, the woman hurried to Canada, where they lived and adopted them at once. It was love at first sight and she decided to provide the kittens with the life they dreamed of.

When the animals first arrived at their new home, they were a bit confused and didn’t realise what was happening, but after feeling that they were safe and protected, they began to eat and have a rest in their new comfortable bed.

After having a short nap, the two beauties began to explore their new environment.

They are strongly connected with each other and no one and nothing can divide them. They do everything together and enjoy their carefree lives with the loving family.

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