The woman was so concerned about the future of these orphaned opossums, but here came her helper.

What a caring “mother”!

Recently, some people spotted baby opossums defenceless and helpless, who became orphaned when their mother had passed away. The cuties were saved and taken to Stephanie Maldonado, who decided to take care about them only one night, then she would send them to a shelter. But the next day it turned out that there was no free place at the shelters, so the woman continued to keep them at home.

Although Stephanie provided them with everything they needed, she was concerned about their future, because the babies needed maternal care and support. Here her beloved doggy named Pretinha came to help. She gave them much love and care and let them sit on her back and belly. The babies were so happy to be under the dog’s care and they found their comfort in her arms.

Now they are inseparable and enjoy their lives together. The dog takes care about “her babies” perfectly, and the opossums are so grateful to “their mother” for what she does for them.

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