The pregnant catty was wandering on the streets to get attention from passers-by, and she succeeded

From a stray life to living in love and care!

Once a helpless catty was found wandering on the streets by some passers-by. They noticed that the cutie was pregnant and she needed quick support, so the people connected with special organisations for help.

One of the kind volunteers named Jennie hurried to the scene to help the cutie and what she found there touched her: the poor cat was in a terrible condition. The woman gave her some food and water and she noticed that the cat wasn’t afraid of her and she seemed to trust the woman at first sight.

The friendly animal realised that she was going to be saved and approached the woman to hug and cuddle her expressing her gratitude to Jennie’s kindness. The woman took her to the shelter and named her Five.
They befriended with each other on the way.

There Five was provided with everything she needed and now she could give birth to her kittens in a good condition.
The staff is sure soon the mother and her kittens will be adopted by loving families.

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