The kitten found a new home in a station having poor health

The small poor kitten transformed to a healthy one

A kitten had chosen to live at a public transportation station. Trucks drove near him and he risked to be hit at any time. And also the kitten was in a bad health state.

There wasn’t appropriate food along the road and the kitten stopped developing, he looked like a res mouse than a cat baby. Day by day the miserable baby became worse and weaker.

No one knows what would occur next, but a miracle happened. Alena Muryas was driving along the road with her relatives.

They come here twice a year and they usually use detours, but this time they went exactly to the stop where the lonely kitten lived.

Alena’s heart melted by seeing him. She immediately came out of her car to see a cat.

So he isn’t lonely or stray as a result of this! The baby was sociable to Alena and her relatives from the beginning. He let himself to be massaged and suffered all of the vet’s treatments.

The girl thinks, that our feline brothers make us kinder and more humane. She is happy, that she and her family didn’t go by the other road and saw the little one!

Alena not only took the kitten home, but also cared for his health. The cat now has everything for a long and happy life.

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