The helpless dog became a famous “lion” and now everyone wants to take pictures of him

The lion-dog amazes the whole world!

Once when Julia Marie Werner, a famous photographer, spotted a homeless dog wandering on the streets, she saw something amazing in him and fell in love with him at once. While everyone was passing by his side without paying attention to him, Julia saw a lion there and she decided to make him famous in the world using his unique appearance.

Real Simba! The woman took many amazing pictures of him and shared them on social media. They shocked the whole world. Then she made a project with her friend, which is named Grossstadtlowe (“Big City Lion”) devoted to this adorable doggy. They called him Tschikko Leopold von Werner and through his amazing photoshoot they showed the whole world how much this creature looks like a lion.

The first thing the photographer did was training the dog and teaching him many tricks. As a result, the dog began to behave like a lion and this made him quite famous in the world.

Tschikko who was once a miserable dog, now is everyone’s favourite, and many passersby stop to take a photo of him.

Did you like him? What did you see in the picture, lion or dog?

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