Amazing incident: A lion approached the van of tourists to play with them

A playful lion, who wanted to hug visitors 

This accident, that happened in the park demonstrates animals affection towards people. A young lion named Phaila wanted to show his love and affection.

Many tourists decided to drive through the park in open cars close the the fence.

They’ll remember this occasion all their lives. A really big lion came to them all of a sudden and started to hug. Let’s not forget the fact that it was an enormous animal, although today reading about it makes us laugh.

Phalia was very unusual. Although his requests may sound a little bit strange for many of his kind, he asked for hands as he needed love and attention.

The park’s workers claim, that Phalia is absolutely secure.

A lion’s video has become amazingly popular on the Internet. Hopefully, visitors understood, that the lion just wanted to play with them.

There are people, who are eager to meet Phalia. And what would be your reaction if a big animal climbed up to you asking for a hug?

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