A safe place for a mother cat and her babies

A stray mother, that got a warm home and had there kittens

When pets are in a warm place they feel safe. And our story is about a mother cat, that is happy and delighted, that she has found a home to grow her kitten in a safe environment.

A mother cat, that received help from caring people was extremely happy, when she was taken to a warm home.

A kind man found a black and white cat in the streets in Canada. She turned out to be pregnant and seemed she was about to give birth. They immediately decided to assist the mother cat and her soon to be born babies.

A pregnant cat mother needed professional help. They quickly took her to the animal rescue centre and the mother gave birth there and had six healthy small kittens.

The mother cat was named Oreo and she was well cared for in order to feel comfortable to raise her babies without thinking about anything. So the six kittens became healthy and strong.

A former homeless cat named Oreo perfectly got used to household life. It is a very caring and affectionate cat and is also able to act as a perfect mother.

Her six kittens also became very sweet. They were named Griswold, Clara, Tinsel, Juniper and Noel and also a dog named Nood helped her raise the kittens.

The mother and her kittens were able to find new homes and are loved there.

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