A friendly dog made friends with all the customers of the salon

A sweet dog, who made people happy while his owner was at the hairdresser 

Brianna West went to the hair salon and told her friend Christina Campbell about her new pet named Lully. The cutie has brought her happiness and joy from the first moment she appeared in her life.

Brianna told Michelle what a cute pet she had. The dog loving hairstylist immediately asked Brianna to bring her lovely pet the next time. And when Brianna came the next time with her puppy all of the clients, including the hairdresser in the salon were excited.

When Lully watched his owner getting her hair done he was a little nervous at first.

While Brianna was busy, he quickly felt at home and happily befriended with every client. All of the clients at the salon were happy to meet Lully there.

After the hairstyle Brianna and Michelle assisted Lully sit into a chair. And the dog becomes happy when people turned to look at him.

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