A caring dog mother, who has a lot of puppies and eagerly cares for all of them

A sweet dog, who became a perfect mother for her puppies

The mother dog named Killo was rescued and she also had puppies, that she needed to feed. She took the chance when a foster mother was needed for six puppies. Although the dog already had twelve puppies, she also adopted six others it recently discovered in a residence.

Volunteers wanted to find the puppies’ mother and when they couldn’t, animal rights activists came to help. When the puppies were transferred to Killo’s house, her owners had no idea how she would react.

But the dog mother immediately started caring for them, as if they were her own. Recently, Killo being pregnant traveled the countryside until she discovered a married couple and was eagerly welcomed.

The new owners were unsure whether Killo would accept them or not, but happily she became an amazing pet for them and also a wonderful mother, who was very affectionate, caring and attentive.

She needed to be called a real heroine, as she was able to care for all her puppies, both biological and adoptive with any help and they were able to become strong and healthy.

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