Two small kittens are saved and connected for the rest of their lives

Having a hard life these two kittens became an inseparable couple 

These two little kittens were discovered by an animal shelter in Ohio and had little chance to survive, they were fortunate. And this is their story.

A pregnant cat in a bad condition was found by a shelter. And just two kittens survived her delivery at the shelter. But sadly only one of them survived despite staff’s efforts. They named her Molly. A foster volunteer brought her back to life.

Just after three weeks Molly turned into active, cunning and fluffy feline. And her only wish was having a sister to play with.

A few weeks ago an orphaned little kitten named Tom was taken to the shelter, who needed bottle feeding all day round.

Tom was a sincere feline who demanded a lot of attention from the beginning. They decided to introduce them to each other in the hopes, that they would like one another. And happily they did.

And from that day these two cuties became inseparable friends. They seem like brother and sister and best friends, they are always together and are connecting more and more.

Having a difficult start of life, these two are now happy being a couple. When they grow up it would be amazing if they could be adopted together.

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