The woman tried to treat her cat’s infection, and after using turmeric, a funny thing happened

The owner just wanted to cure her cat, as a result something surprising happened.

When Supamas discovered that her cat had an infection, she hurried to cure him, and her mother advised her to use turmeric. It is an Indian spice medicinal herb, which cures infections.

When the woman painted it on the cat’s skin, something amazing happened.

Her cat turned yellow. The woman tried to remove it quickly, but useless. The white cat had already become yellow. The owner remained speechless!

The catty got completely new appearance, which looks beautiful!

How cute he is in this colour!

Meet a Pikachu-cat! He is really attractive!

Although the catty became so different, his character remains the same.

He is so active and joyful and continues to eat a lot.

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