The vets noticed a cat hanging around their front door and were excited when they learned the purpose of her visit

The confused cat wanted to sneak into the veterinary clinic for an exciting reason!

Once a vet clinic in New Zealand found four helpless kittens in a box outside the clinic. They immediately took the babies in and began to examine them. One of the vets named Nicole fell in love with them and decided to take them to her house and take care about them overnight.

But the next morning something amazing happened, when the staff noticed a confused catty trying to come inside the clinic. Seeing that the cat was stubborn and didn’t want to leave, they let her come in and what they found later excited them.

They saw that the catty was a feeding mother, and when they made her approach to the kittens, an unexpected thing happened. She was the mother of the babies, who searched for them for a long time and fortunately, found there. They were reunited again making everyone get touched by the scene.

Now they live in the house of one of the vets, and will continue to stay under her care until they will be adopted by forever families.

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