The valorous pit bull fights a shark to save his master’s life from an assault  

If you have a dog, you are familiar with the unlimited love your pet gives.

You are their world and they are cheerful to show you their balls, sometimes in odd ways.

This occurred to James White, who was fishing in Sonoma County, California. He passed 10 minutes of fishing point-blank. But he was amazed by a 6-foot shark.

James attempted to directly remove the monster’s trap, but unluckily, his shin was bitten by a shark…

The shouts were loud enough to grab the attention of Darby, his pit bull who was 1, who was waiting for his master a few feet from the car.

So, Darby momentarily bit the shark, which reacted with a powerful bite right away.

After that, he was ready to grab him by the hindmost part and drag him off James’s leg. Look how White tells this incredible story…

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