The Scottish cat is adopted by a family as it needed food and shelter

The kitten, that was lucky to appear in the home of a loving family

A kitten appears from nowhere on a high rise building’s stairwell. It is unknown whether he was brought by someone and abandoned there, or he came by himself searching for food and shelter.

He may have been only 3-4 months old.

The cat was so lucky, that it was able to enter into the Lukashin family’s front door. As the kitten was purebred, they thought the baby had just gone missing and that someone was searching for him now.

The couple took the cat to their house and their daughter Anna shared many photos pf the cat on the Internet in the hope of finding his owners. But no one answered…

So the family decided to give the little kitten a forever home at a family council. They’re still amazed, that someone abandoned the Scottish Straight baby.

The little kitten named Katie became ill two weeks later. The vet found a coronavirus infection. But happily the kitten’s condition was soon improved.

And from that moment two years have passed. Katie now became the favourite of all family. The owners are happy, that the kitten came to their door at the right time: otherwise they wouldn’t have met.

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