The dog, who always struggled and had a rough life, now enjoys the best moments of his life

Such a brave boy with an attractive wide smile!

Here is a strong boy named Odin, who suffered a lot due to the heartless actions of humanity.

Although Odin passed through many difficulties, he never gave up and thanks to his strong will, he overcame everything.

Just look at his cute face! His attractive wide smile will melt your heart.

After spending 3 years in the shelter, Odin was adopted by a caring family and now enjoys their love and care.

Besides having a wonderful family and carefree life, the doggy is quite famous on social media. He has about 11k followers on Instagram.

His owner named Claiciene says that at first everyone showed a bad attitude to the cutie because of his unusual appearance, but now he enjoys popularity and is so happy to have such kindhearted people next to him.
Odin brought much happiness to his family.

Now they are inseparable.

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