It’s always so motivating as well as delightful to see various kinds of animals communicate like these two  

Comet and Louis seem like a good combination.

There is nothing out of the ordinary here, just a cat that systematically rides a horse; currently, it’s a new adventure for them every day.

Of course, cats are quite controversial animals. As a matter of fact, sometimes even the presence of their masters can be disturbing. Therefore, we have not frequently heard of canines interacting with other animals.

Ok, this is not the case with Louis, a very ugly cat.

From childhood, Louis shared his adoptive mother’s passion for horses. So, it didn’t take long for him to become attached to one of the horses.

At first, his master Emma Massingale, a skillful horse coach from North Don, England, thought it was non-permanent. But she was wrong.

“He just started chasing me to the barn walking along walls, or fences pushing horses upside down,” Emma reported to Love Meow.

“Then he began climbing on their backs, sitting there or jumping, and then jumping from the other side to reach somewhere.”

The cat’s beloved horse named Comet also was pleased with the presence of the baby. Over the years, they have developed an incredible but unlikely bond. And currently, after six years, Louis and Comet spend their days investigating various locations with each other.

“Comet and Louie seem like a good combination. If he wants the horse to stop, he bites the pony.

“Crazy to follow, but amusing,” Emma said. “In case Louis gets tired, he just jumps off, but he seems to like it because he stays there for ages.”

It’s always so motivating as well as delightful to see various kinds of animals interact like these two.

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