An outdoor cat was adopted by a family, who moved into his house

An outdoor cat, that needed time to trust his new landlords 

Heather Melanson and her fiancé didn’t know their new house had a cat when they moved for the first time.

They wanted to befriend with the fluffy orange cat, but she seemed to be uninterested in meeting new friends. “We saw him walking in our yard, but he had never allowed us approach him.”

Carrot Cake continued to ignore his new owners for months. They were able to tell, that he had once been someone’s pet, but he wanted to live by himself and didn’t want to give up his independence.

Carrot Cake’s attitude suddenly changed last week.

“He walked on to the patio and when I approached with my hand out, he came running. He gave me headbutts and I went to get vet food.” told Melanson.

Carrot Cake has returned every day for having food and pets. He even allowed Melanson shave his matted fur and treat him for fleas. Melanson didn’t want to frighten her new friend with sudden actions.

“He has already come into our hallway, but he won’t enter into the house until his fleas are all gone. Now we let him come and go whenever he wants and place him food and water in our entry corridor.”

Now Carrot Cake has a real home and his owners have become his new family. They just needed patience and trust.

“We feel so good being chosen after such a long time. We adore him and I think he adores us, too.”

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