After having difficulties the volunteers rescued the mother and the kitten from the street

The fluffy family, that was taken to the shelter and treated well 

A resident of Los Angeles unexpectedly discovered a litter of kittens in one of the city’s courtyards. They were hiding in a cardboard box on a balcony, where the cat mother has secreted them.

One of the neighbours called animal rights activists, who immediately came with a humane trap and everything they needed.

At first they needed to catch the cat mother, who had been led to a perfumed treat by campaigners.

It seemed, as if she felt something, but the sense of hunger overtook her.

The cat mother was frightened to be caught since she lost access to her kittens. But she understood, that she don’t have to worry as people are pleasant.

One of the activists named Joan approached the box and found there wild tabby kittens, that were perplexed at what was happening. She placed them in a carrier with difficulty.

The frightened kittens were taken to the shelter to be cared for. The kittens were frightened of being washed and started to flee in all four directions. But volunteers were able to gently clean them up.

And after that the kittens became used to their new home, especially after seeing the food was available. They put them oddities aside and went to the volunteers to ask for food.

Soon the babies will be available for adoption. The mother cat turned out to be a free spirit, who was only sterilised and released into the wild.

And we hope this fluffy family members will have a happy life.

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