A firefighter rescues a leftover kitten than adopts it

A sweet kitten, that was saved twice in a day

It was a usual day for firefighters, when suddenly they received a call, that the kitten could be in trouble. Tom Carter and his staff decided to investigate.

He can’t imagine, that at the end of the day he not only would have saved a life, but also added to his own.

A resident told about hearing a cat meowing from 20 by 20 foot mound of yard garbage, but it was hard to understand where the animal was hiding because of the thicket of hedge clippings and brambles.

So Carter and his staff went to investigate. After 45 minutes they found a little white kitten, that might have been left there.

A poor kitten was taken to the vet for examination, but before that Carter was able to capture him to send his wife.

Most abandoned kittens are put down, but this one of really fortunate to find a loving home very soon. Carter and his family decided to adopt the kitten in their family, saving the kitten’s life twice in a day.

He explained: “I was really searching for another cat and it was hard to say no.”

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