A family built a custom aquarium for their cat, who adores watching fish

A cat, that adored looking at fish in the aquarium 

Scuba diving with cats has never been popular. However, thanks to this cat’s parents creativity a fish loving cat named Jasper is enjoying life.

More interesting, the best thing is that it is absolutely free and he doesn’t have to get his hands dirty.

Jasper must sit and watch his colourfully fish siblings from outside their fish tank u til recently is he wanted to see them at home.

But then Jasper’s family thought a perfect idea.

They built a bespoke aquarium with an underwater nook at the bottom and Jasper could watch all his fish friends from every angle.


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Happily, fish in the aquarium don’t get afraid of Jasper looking at them from a handmade tank.

Jasper on the other hand absolutely likes it.

Jasper’s family didn’t have to order a special tank for him, but Jasper’s excitement is worth it.

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