When the people refused to feed the homeless cats the man decided to sell scrap metal to feed them

A kind man, that helps homeless cats and feeds them

Willie Ortiz is a scrap metal collector and a veteran from Connecticut. He has been feeding homeless animals and hasn’t missed even a day for almost 22 years. No matter the weather the man goes to collect the scrap metal to assist pay for the cat food and other necessary things. Willie takes after them, feeds them every day and sprays and neuters them to keep their population under control.

He began his mission after seeing people ignoring the homeless animals. He told: “I saw people were pushing them away, but I could see they needed assistance. I knew, that these animals don’t understand me, but I know I have to do something.” He understood, that caring for homeless animals would be the mission of his life.

Willie continues to sell leftovers every morning and every evening he returns with a lot of sardines and cat food. He feeds the cats every day and follows their health condition. He takes care for some really healthy and well fed cats.

He nor only feeds them, but also takes care of the hurt cats and brings them to the vet. Willie tells, that it is the mission of his life and it makes him happy, although it is difficult. Willie told, that he will do his work as long as he could.

Kathleen Schlentz began a GoFundMe campaign to help Willie buy food for the cats. It worked well, and you can also have your contribution to the project. We know, that people, who believe in Willie’s cause will also donate.

“Now he feeds 16 colonies of cats, almost 68 animals and he hasn’t missed even a day in 22 years. He does everything to make sure all of them have all they needed.” Told Kathleen Schlentz.

There must be more people like Willie in the world, whose actions will make the world a better place to live in. But not everyone likes his choice. “People often ask me why I feed them every day and my answer is “Do you eat every day” They just eat once in 24 hours, while you have 3 meals.”

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