Two homeless kittens were saved from a park and are ready to have their permanent homes

Two brothers, that became inseparable friends in a shelter

Two newborn babies Kit and Kat were leftover by their mother since they were born. And a few days later a caring man found them in the park. He took them home and started to care for them, as they were too adorable to be leftover. And the kind man also had nine other cats and couldn’t maintain all of them. And he asked for assistance from animal rescue centre.

Some volunteers agreed to take the kittens to their shelter. Kit and Kat were really adorable. The rescuers used soft damp towels to clean their bodies, as they were too small to clean themselves. In the caring hands of the volunteers they felt happy and protected.

As the kittens seemed to be really hungry, they were given a milk in the feeder. Kit and Kat are still very small and needed special care and attention. The rescuers placed them in a comfortable bed to relax a little. They were touched seeing the two babies play happily before going to sleep.

The volunteers decided to built two separate beds for the kittens in order to protect them from infections. Kit and Kat became active last week, as they were stronger and healthier. And the two babies became inseparable friends. They really liked playing with each other and hugging their rescuers.

Kit and Kat are ready to be adopted!

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