The mysterious story of a missing sponges and a little kitten

A cute kitten, that was thieving things from the kitchen 

When you have a cat there are many secrets. Things started to vanish, than dissipate and change. Things might potentially vanish. Although cats assume it’s not them, we most of all capture them.

And this little black cat isn’t different.

When all the kitchen sponges of Luna vanished, people became confused.

Luna’s relatives saw her wandering away with a sponge and decided to follow her. Those interested people!

They went after Luna upstairs like ninjas and found what they wanted.

They were looking at their hiding place and found out not only sponges, but also other kitchen supplies.

The relatives solved the mystery. Luna thought: “If it hadn’t been for these disturbing humans I would have gotten away with it.”

It’s okay, Luna. There are many stories, that can be found.

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