The faithful dog waited for his future sister for a long time and after seeing her calmly left. So exciting!

At some point someone will tell the child about her first and forever dog.

Rocky was a loyal and caring dog, who was adopted by a kind family in 2015, and since then became their lovely member. The cutie was devoted to his parents a lot, and after knowing that he would have a human sister, he began to wait for her impatiently.

When his human mom was pregnant, Rocky was very caring and attentive towards her. He never left her side and knew someone would join their family. The woman and the dog were strongly connected with each other and couldn’t live separately.

But when the baby was born, and the parents brought her home, they noticed that their dog behaved himself so different. After few hours Rocky passed away. The faithful dog waited for his sister for nine months, welcomed her and then calmly left the world.

The parents wrote a letter for their daughter, where it’s written that one day they will tell her about their first and forever dog, Rocky.
That’s so touching!

The story became so famous on social media and many people got excited by it.

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