The cat, who hasn’t ever had a home can’t believe in her fate

A sweet cat, who was very loving and affectionate 

Noting was clear within the first months of Jolie’s existence. She was found as a homeless in Florida and was taken by rescuers.

She only wanted to have a safe environment in which she could live and when her future owner Deanna McCallum knew about her she understood she could give it to her.

McCallum told: “She had been at animal aid centre for some time before I was able to meet her through Zoom. And I immediately undertook she needed a loving home.”

After the Zoom chat McCallum decided to adopt Jolie and give a forever hoe as she deserved.

McCallum couldn’t meet Jolie before picking her up and when she came she was already in her carrier, so she simply took the carried and went home.

Jolie and her new owner met in the house, where the cat fist came out of her carrier and saw her new home.

“She we came home she was a little worried. I opened the carrier and let her explore for a while.”

Jolie was calm, and by the expression on her face McCallum could tell, that she was amazed by the fact, that this was all for her. And after all Jolie finally got a home.

It took Jolie almost a week to get used to the house, but when she understood she was staying she felt relieved.

McCallum was touched by how loving and affectionate the cat was during the adjustment process. She just wanted to be loved after a hard life.

“Jolie is the kindest cat I have ever met. She never hissed, scratched or tried to bite me.” told McCallum.

She hasn’t ever misbehaved in her life. She was just a sweet animal in need of forever home, and I’m very happy to be able to give it to her.”

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