No one allowed this little pit bull to attend dog parties for one reason, which upset the owner

The poor pit bull felt so sad and depressed when no one wanted to interact with him.

Pit bulls are known as aggressive dogs and many people don’t allow their dogs to approach them thinking that pit bulls will attack and harm them. While the owners of pit bulls claim that if you raise and train them in a right way, they will become kind and quiet dogs.

But many people still don’t accept this and continue to have a negative attitude towards them. Even many pet stores don’t allow them to participate in their events.

Meet Blu, a 9 weeks old little pit bull, who came across such a problem, when he was forbidden to participate in an event held at Petsmart and the main reason was his breed. Its organisers thought it would be dangerous for other dogs to interact with Blu.

This made the owner sad and depressed. She wanted her dog to communicate with others, play and run with everyone around him, but many people were afraid of him without even knowing him and his character.

But after a short time, one of the store’s workers came to apologise for their behaviour and let the dog come in and participate in their party. Both Blu and his owner were so happy to be there and they proved everyone that pit bulls are quite kind and funny dogs.

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