It was then that they realized what occurred. The mother dog was sad that one of her babies died  

The puppies along with their mother until they find a permanent home.

Hope for Paws got an urgent message that a pit bull mother was giving birth on the street, so they instantly went to assist the mother dog.

They detected a mother physically defending her 6 newborn babies, but it was clear that she was saddened that the 7th baby had died.

They attempted to let mother dog out of her hiding place, but she was too frightened. After many tries, they managed to catch her carefully.

The dogs and their mother were then carried to the vet facility. Jade, the mother dog, was still bothered. It was then that Eldad Hagar understood that something was wrong.

It was then that they realized that the following day a neighbor took the puppy to raise him. So, they contacted the man and were able to take the baby back.

Luckily, Little Red Dog looks after all the puppies along with their mother until they will be provided with a permanent home. Check the clip below.

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