An orphaned kitten stopped crying when she was saved by a loving family

A cute kitten, that was trapped in a shed

Alyssa Weber and Josh Stott were at a farm and didn’t expect that something was going to happen and become the biggest saviour mission.

Alyssa heard some unusual sounds coming near the farm.

As she had worked in a cat rescue organisation she immediately understood it was a sound of a kitten asking for help.

She was very much worried about the sound and quickly went to the place from where the sound came.

She understood, that the sound was coming from the neighbour’s property. So she went to examine and found out the sound was coming from one of the sheds. The family didn’t know the neighbour living next door, so a rescue mission may seem invading to one’s private property.

Josh’s sister Emma also told, that she had heard the same cry the previous night and it meant the poor animal had been crying for almost 15 hours.

The couple asked the neighbour if they could enter and examine the shed, but he said, that he would do it by himself and after coming back he told, that there was nothing.

Alyssa knew, that there was a kitten in a trouble, so she decided to invade with the help of a friend.

The friend came with a little kitten in his hand.

After hearing her sounds they named her Birdie.

She is now okay and receives a lot of love and attention from the savers.

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