An old cat begs her owner every day to watch her beloved movies

A big fan of interesting and fascinating films 

Emily’s husband adores cats, while Emilie likes dogs.The couple went to the shelter to adopt a cat, but Emilie didn’t have any feelings towards them.

And all of a sudden everything changed, when they saw an old cat named Ella.

Ella immediately approached Emily and started to lick her. She quit felt in love with this cat and decided to bring her home.

Ella wants to be with her owners despite her age. It was amazing how quickly she got used to her new parents.

One day Emily was watching “The Grinch” when she saw Ella was also excited with the movie. The cat stopped completely and looked at it the whole time. She is completely engaged in the film.

She will sit down and watch the whole movie if she is interested in it. The only thing, that helps her relax is watching a films. Films have become the indisputable part of their everyday life. Films make them closer.

“People are scared of having an elderly cat or animal in general. But it’s all worth it and I wouldn’t exchange her for anything. I really adore her.”

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