After the accident, when the driver was being helped by the rescuers, one of them was saving the life of an injured elephant.

The man took a heroic step when he tried to keep the helpless elephant alive.

Once an awful accident took place in Chanthaburi, when a man hit a baby elephant, when it wanted to cross the road.

A group of rescuers arrived at once and while they all were trying to help the injured driver, Mana Srivate, one of the rescuers, was doing his best to save the defenseless elephant’s life.

The scene was captured on camera and it became so famous on social media attracting thousands of people from all over the world.

After being sure that the poor animal was alive, the man took him to a vet clinic, where he got all the treatments.

After getting all the necessary treatments, the strong elephant became completely healthy and he was sent to his habitat and reunited with his mother again.

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