A sick homeless cat turns into a fluffy after being saved

An ill kitten, that turned into a real beauty 

A Malaysian woman named Nur Hamizah found little while cat under her car nearly a year ago.

There she found a small kitten, that was ill, contaminated and filthy.

She decided to help the little kitten in escaping the streets and gently seduced her into a cardboard box and took her home.

She named her Meimei and took her to the vet to get the care she needed.

The poor cat weighted approximately 4 pounds and had skin problems.

Nur understood she had to struggle for the kitten’s life and give her everything.

And Nur started to study all she needed to know about the rehabilitation process and little Meimei started to change quickly.

After five months her fur started to regrow and and turned into a real beauty.

Nur deserves laudation for taking care of the ill kitten.

And doesn’t she look good today? Congratulations, Meimei.

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