A poor starving cat found behind a trash has found his permanent home

Older cats can also be great companions

He spent seven years in the shelter, when he was found near the trash. And now this beautiful cat has a place to call a home.

“He sits and waits, expecting that you’ll pet him and when you do he is incredibly happy.” Although he was a nice cat, he had a secluded personality, that’s why he was continually passed up for adoption. The cat celebrated 14 days in his new home with his new owners only a few days ago.

“He is happy and still couldn’t believe that such a life could be real.

“He’s a recondite animal. Sometime will pass until he get the courage to ask for affection and attention. He was a shy animal in the shelter and now he is overjoyed by the fact that he can eat whenever he wants.”

He is thought to be 8 or 9 old, but think he is older.

“In the house he has infallible manners. He must have had an owner before, and television astounds and interests him.”

“It makes me sad, that he was inconspicuous for such a long time. And the refugee helped him a lot from starvation under a dumpster, and now he has a caring and loving home.”

Older cats also need homes and they can be really amazing friends.

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