A lonely newborn kittens grows up to be strong and active

A small kittens, which turned into real beauties

A woman was walking her dog, when she found a litter of newborn kittens. They were frozen and hardly survived.

The woman asked a rescue shelter and they found a foster mother, who decided to rescue their lives.

They warmed them up with the car’s heater vents, but as they were just one day old it was unknown whether they would survive.

The foster mother named Nikki took them home and one of the babies named Bagel needed more help than others.

She wasn’t eating and lost weight. It was unclear whether she could survive. So Nikki started to tube feed Bagel all day long.

The little cat started to use then bottle herself after two days, and it was a big happiness for Nikki.

All the kittens felt healthy and were growing really fast.

Nikki noticed, that their personalities started to appear one by one.

Nikki was so happy, that she started to feel happiness for their new achievements.

She felt happy, when they first opened their eyes, gained weight and even groomed themselves.

She was happy, that they were able to survive after a hard start of their life.

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