A ginger kitten, that worked for 10 years as a shopkeeper is always happy to help you

A funny story of a cat shopkeeper 

All of us know, that cats are lazy animals, but it isn’t true. Have you ever seen a cat, that was hungry? They will wake you up anytime. So we simply can’t call them lazy. Especially when they’re angry and scratch everything they see. But out kitten is different and his name os Bobo. He has been working as a shopkeeper for almost 10 years.

It is a long period for a man, but much longer for a cat. That’s almost the quarter of his life. He worked nonstop for 10 years and hasn’t ever went for a vacation. And his clients adore him. He welcomes all the people, who enter the shop.

This is a hardworking shopkeeper named Bobo.

Ha may look angry, but he loves every client.

He is a healthy cat.

Bobo or well known Kind Bobo became

popular on the Internet. He almost has seventeen thousand followers on Instagram. So if you want to look at him you can simply check his Instagram. He is popular as a public figure and it’s understandable.

Here’s he is turning his nose up at everything in the shop.

Bobo also has a perfect family, who adores him. He spends all day at a business, begging clients to pet him, give snacks and so on.

Bobo is a very funny animal.

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