A boy went to the shelter for a new cat, but found out his missing cat

A cute reunion moment of a cat with his previous owner

All people, that have pets know how it is difficult to be without them. When the boy named Ronnie had lost his cat he became really sad.

The cat had been missing for a year and a half before being found in an animal shelter. And when Ronnie found his beloved pet he was extremely happy.

The boy and the cat were amazing friends. Ronnie was in a very bad condition for months when his pet was lost. They put up flyers around the neighbourhood, but it didn’t help.

As the cat was missing for a long time the family finally decided to get another cat. They were amazed when they went to the shelter and saw there Phoenix. Ronnie was extremely happy and the cat jumped into his arms. The two friends were finally together.

Someone found him on the street and brought to the shelter. The cat’s microchip address was the previous one, so they couldn’t be found.

So this is why it is very essential to keep the microchips updated. If you haven’t updated yet, it’s the right time.

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