A blind cat finds a home with other cats like her

Blind cats, that live together ignoring their oddities 

The cat named Blossom changed when she lost her eyes, and she found a home with other cats, that were like her.

Blossom had a serious eye illness. She was saved by the animal shelter and the workers decided to remove her eyes beca of an illness.

And Blossom was placed in a foster home after her eye operation and the foster owners were Howard and Beth Stern.

Howard Stern and his wife are known to be foster owners, and their home is usually full of new cats and kittens with different requirements. Blossom, that was blind was able to be recovered in Stern’s house with their other foster animals until she was ready to be adopted.

Blossom needed a home, where they would be attentive to her needs, as she was blind and when Susan Smith heard about her, she understood she would be the perfect fit for their family.

Blossom lived in a house with other blind cats. And they didn’t think they are different, as they’re all blind and they spent all their time with each other.

“Our only action is getting out of their way as they speed around the home. They have the whole home for their games.” Smith told.

Blossom has gained all of the confidence she needs from the blind siblings. She didn’t have any problems adapting the new environment.

Smith describes Blossom as a “bold diva”. “I have never met a cat with such a dominant attitude. She makes me happy all the time, such as when she ignores me because she thinks I can’t see her.”

Blossom and her extraordinary siblings don’t allow their blindness stop them from doing their aims and they’re always ready to provide a hand to each other.

“I think, they’re ignorant if their oddities. They do all the things, that cats with a normal vision do and it sometimes leaves me scratching my head on sometimes.”

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