20.000 bees and a pregnant woman amazed the whole Internet with their frightening photoshoot

The photoshoot of a pregnant woman and thousands of bees will make you speechless.

Emily Mueller is a future mother, who decided to have an attractive pregnancy photoshoot, but not alone. Can you imagine a pregnant woman posing with 20.000 bees just for having amazing photo series? It’s crazy!

The woman and her husband have a company named Mueller Honey Bee, which is devoted to saving and protecting bees. The company is situated in Ohio, USA and deals with different products, for example it provides humanity with honey.

The couple saves bees from different places and takes care about them. The bees in the photos were saved from a park and now they are so famous on social media.

These amazing photos were taken by Kendrah Damis, who was the first who shared them on Facebook and shocked thousands of people.

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