Which made the girl ride a cow instead of a horse? Their friendship is something you must see. So cute!

The girl decided to ride a cow instead of a horse for only one reason.

Everything began from her childhood, when Hannah Simpson was only 11 years old and wanted to ride a horse. But her parents were not able to buy a horse for her because they didn’t have much money. This didn’t stop the girl reaching her goal, so she decided to ride a cow instead of a horse and took one of them from her parents’ farm and began to train the animal.

7 years passed, and they are still together. Their bond is so strong, that they are always in the centre of everyone’s attention. The witnesses are attracted by the scene how the 18 years old girl rides her lovely cow. They are so cute!

The cow seems to like jumping with her crazy owner and having fun with her.
The girl has one more dream: to ride other cows and train them to be as flexible as horses.

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