The woman adopted a big cat and later went after his best friend

The two best friends were finally reunited after adoption 

The two big cats Mojo and Max were placed in a Anne Arundel County Animal Control in Maryland. Because of the rules of the shelter the cats had to stay in different cages.

The shelter wrote on Facebook: About a month ago the lady came and adopted Mojo, a cat who arrived at the shelter with Max.”

She told, that Mojo is really adorable, but she couldn’t forget Max. And the thought, that Max would spend the rest of his life in the shelter broke her heart.

The day after Christmas she came after Max to reunite the two friends.

It was time when she adopted Mojo…

Everything changed for the better when they came after Max. He was happy to be released from the shelter.

When they met they hugged each other, it was adorable, as both have one another and a loving home.

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