The wild animal was very sick and needed assistance, but now he recovers and is joyful again

A poor animal, that was in a very bad situation 

A small animal was found all alone in Mississippi in January.

Workers of Wild at Heart Rescue found the animal and decided to assist.

“I threw a new to catch him and it was such a relief. When we caught him we were scared, that he was so bed and he a couple of days he wouldn’t survive.”

They quickly understood, that the animal had a sarcoptic mange.

“He was covered in his own shell of skin. It was almost 2 inches thick across his body, hands and feet.”

So they started to assist the animal. They said, that the raccoon felt a lot of pain.

But after some time he recovered. He is named Hobo and is healthy now after some treatment.

Now he can play and do whatever he want as before.

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