The untamed kitten followed the dog while they were out for a walk

A cute kitten, that was very brave and playful 

A man named Jon Nienaber lives with his wife three cats and a dog in Cleveland. He was walking with his dog one day when suddenly a kitten came ti them and decided to join.

When Joe understood, that the kitten joined them he called his wife to see him. “As he understood we were leaving he pushed his head over a small chained fence and started to chase Jon and me! He wanted to stay with us.” told Jon’s wife.

Leslie told her husband that they must take him with them as he followed them to their street. The brave little kid played with his new friend and approached strangers. “When I took him home he was dirty. I washed him and he was hungry.” told the woman.

Leslie called her sister Sarah, who is also a big cat lover as there were no place in their house. The following day Sarah came and adopted the little kitten.

Sarah immediately named the kitten Pinot. “Pinot is a really courageous and cute kitten, that only wanted to live. He is the most beautiful cat i’ve ever seen, so it was very difficult for me to let him go. I was happy, that my sister took him as I could visit him whenever I wanted. Sarah immediately fell in love with him. After a few visits to the vet the kitten got better.”

He enjoys playing with little things like Q-tips.

He has grown up, but still loves boxes very much!

He enjoys sleeping and playing.

He also likes watching birds form the window.

He is an adorable fluffy cat!

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