The homeless kitten got a second chance for life

A cute cat, that was able to transform in just a few months 

The poor cat named Samuel had spent most of his life in a container and finally was saved. Samuel was taken to the local shelter and he was exhausted. He had many health problems. The shelter worker, who wanted to help Samuel shared his photo on the Internet.

A veterinarian named Leslie Raines was sick when she saw his picture and decided to assist. Samuel went into a foster home with Leslie and started his rehabilitation program. Samuel’s black and white fur started to raise. Samuel became the adorable cat, that had to be in just a year.

The cat also had some problems because of being confined in a little place for a ling time.

Samuel was given the second chance for life.

Samuel gained weight and started to restore his vision as he got a lot of care and love. Although he still needed to be a cat.

Samuel turned into a lovely cat after a few months.

The cat was afraid to meet a potential adopted, but he changed his mind after meeting with Bryan.

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