The blind husky amazes everyone with her strong will and great love for life. That’s wonderful!  

This adorable husky teaches everyone to be strong and never stop moving forward.

 When Mandy Leung found a defenseless husky named Mackenzie, who was just 10 weeks old, she immediately helped and took her home. The poor animal was partially blind: she didn’t see with her right eye.

Unfortunately, after a month, she lost her sight in the left eye, too, but this never made her move forward. The strong baby overcame all the difficulties and began to enjoy her life as much as possible.

Each day Mackenzie discovers new things around her and proves us that blindness is not a big problem and it must not disturb us to live.

She behaves herself as other ordinary dogs and does the same things as they do.

Her lovely weather is winter, because she enjoys playing in the snow. The cutie becomes so happy when her mom takes her out to play with the snow. Crazy girl!

Mackenzie amazes everyone with her strong will and proves that every problem can be solved, only a great desire and courage are needed.

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