Such a big flock of assassin whales was captured for the premier time

The amazing scene was photographed for the first time.

Hundreds of assassin whales gather off the shore of Norway in this wonderful spectacle. The tour boat unwittingly noticed a large flock of at least 300 members, and the film confused everyone.

Considering that assassin whales are commonly kept in small groups, such a large number certainly becomes the reason for some suspicions. The wildlife leader saw the huge flock first. At first sight, they all considered them as members of the same family but as their number became more and more, they rejected this idea.

As soon as the copulation period starts, assassin whales gather in large numbers. Regardless of the fact that these agile sea creatures are quite reticent about their copulation experiences, such a mass gathering has not been observed before.

The large number of seabirds frolicking around eventually led to reports of whales’ strange behavior. They found out as well that there was a fishing flotilla nearby. So, all those hungry assassin whales moved there for one reason: in order to eat. These waters are wealthy with silvery fish, a favorite food for assassin whales.

As a result, as soon as the fishing period begins, huge groups of assassin whales gather here. However, such a big flock was captured for the premier time.

Check out the amazing scene below:

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