In the end, the saviors arrived, and with the help of a number of people they rapidly rescued the horse  

This story teaches stubbornness as well as two-sided support.

 As habitual, on evenings of Sunday, Nicole Graham took a walk together with her horse along a country route. Everything began alright. the sun and a light breeze pleased as well as there was not a soul around.

But unexpectedly the horse all of a sudden slipped and fell into a wobbly marsh. Nicole got off her horse and started to try to assist him, but, sadly, all to no avail.

Astro could not stand up on his own or with the help of his master, as his weight was approximately 500 kg.

He was extremely scared and pulled his limbs very hard in order to get out. But in this situation, fear only harmed the suffocating man, so the horse soaked the entire depth of the marsh.

The woman tried everything possible to help her favorite pet, but neither picking him up nor pulling him out gave any result.

She had only to keep his muzzle over the horse so that it would not stifle in the mud. So, Nicole kept him from eternal death for longer.

For almost 3 hours, the horse and his master struggled with the threat of suffocating alone. But, at last, they noticed a local resident. The latter instantly rushed to their aid and first of all contacted the saviors.

In the end, the saviors arrived and with the help of a number of people as well as a tractor, they rapidly pulled the horse out.

Miss Graham as her horse, was in a state of extreme stress, and both were very exhausted. The woman could not relax for a long period of time, it even came to a sedative infusion.

But after being relaxed, already being at home, Nicole washed her loved pet from the mud of the marsh, and she herself managed to look after herself.

From this story, we can learn stubbornness as well as two-sided support.

He only survived thanks to his powerful master.

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