Curly cats became the Internet’s hit and all of them came from the same shelter kitten

The origination of curly haired kittens was Miss DePesto

A photo of an orange curly cat became popular on the Internet last week. The photo was shared with the following note: “I’ve never seen a cat with curly hair.” And also many of us. But the kitten’s hair isn’t a trick.

The cat’s breed must be the Selkirk rex and it’s origination comes from the unusual saved cat named Miss DePesto.

Miss DePesto was born in 1987 in a Montana shelter. Her four siblings had straight hair, but she had unusual curly hair. A local breeder adopted her.

She mixed the kitten with a black Persian and six curly-haired kittens were born. The breeder understood, that the curly hair is a dominant genetic feature of Selkirk rex.

Miss DePesto was the origination of all of this.

The curly kitten was born in 1987 and also had four straight haired siblings.

A local breeder realised her curly hair is a dominant genetic feature.

The woman mixed her with a black Persian and they had six curly haired babies.

She called them Selkirk rex to demonstrate, that their amazing coat was curly.

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