A really adorable thing! The cat with round, orange horror-like eyes, the owner didn’t expect this to happen

A really adorable cat with “scaring” orange eyes

The cute black cat had the most beautiful and at the same time “scaring” eyes.

The cat named Gemlin now has orange eyes, but the owner told, that he never expected them to be this colour.

“We took Gremlin when we moved to Melbourne. This year he will turn 2. In the beginning we didn’t know his eyes will be this colour, as when we adopted him his eyes were blue, as for many cats! You can scroll down to see his earlier photos and his eyes got much brighter. We call Gremlin our son. We adore him.” told Gremlin’s owner.

Gremlin likes the be in the centre of everyone’s attention. He is fortunate to have such a loving family.

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