A goose mother takes care of her 47 babies

An amazing number of geese

Mike Digout was attracted by a goose mother taking care of her babies. He found them while walking along the Saskatchewan riverbank.

His camera was with him and he decided to capture them.

“I am going for a walk every night looking for beavers and there is always a lot of geese as they were coming from the south and looking for a place to nest. It’s an amazing moment to watch the geese fighting for places to live and defending their homes.”

One night Mike saw a goose mother with her 16 babies.

“I was amazed by the fact, that these mother goose had 16 babies and started returning back every night searching for this mother and her babies. And every day the group increased.”

And the following day he saw 30 babies, and after all he discovered the real number of babies. They were 47.

“She is such a tolerant mother” he told.

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