A cat finds a way to come back home after 8 months of the spring flooding in Michigan

A very stubborn cat, that was able to reunite with her family

The cute cat named Olive was found with her family in 2021 after being lost at spring flood in 2020.

The cat was discovered by Ashley Flood, who took her to the Humane Society of Midland County, where she was examined and reunited with her family. The Human Society posted a photo on Facebook.

“She was shivering and couldn’t keep her paws on the floor, it was a really sad situation. So we took her in, as she needed help.”

On January 2 the couple went out to search and saw a grey beautiful cat walking near their apartment in Midland. Flood told, that they returned home, as they saw the kitten is healthy and didn’t need help.

This rainstorm happened on May 17, which damaged many houses and more than 10000 people had to flee.

When her family discovered her she was happy.

“She was lost and finally reunited with her family. You will find stray cats, who go back the place where they lived. And this one was very persistent and denied to leave our door.”

Flood asked friends for help, who had worked with endangered animals and gave them food in order the cat returned the next day.

“I imagine the amazement of the Olive’s owners, when they thought they had lost her forever.”

So the Humane Society put a microchip and asked for the contact information of her owners, also the cat’s age and her birthday within minutes.

Flood told, that the owners didn’t know their cat had been found.

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