A 76 year old man has been collecting scrap metal and selling it to buy food for homeless cats for 22 years

A generous man, who helped homeless cats 

There are many homeless animals on the streets and many people didn’t want to take care for them. But a kind man spent 22 years looking after stray animals.

He was in a hard financial condition and he decided to collect scrap metal to make sure he can feed the stray babies.

After his story was shared, people wanted to help the man buy food for the cats. “Although its a really difficult job, it makes him happy.” he told.

A man from Connecticut has a big heart. He buys food for the cats and also medicine and feeds them.

The generous man started his way when he found a homeless cat starving and begging for food.

He told: “I remember people were pushing it away, and I understood it need assistance. I realized I had to do something”.

Even being an old man he collects metal every day and goes to sell it and in the evening comes back to check the animals and feed them.

People started to collect money to help the man and the stray animals and were able to collect 295000$ and the donation is still active.

“Now he feeds almost 68 animals every day, without missing a day. He told, that they have all they need to be happy.”

The man went in all types of weather, including snow and rain storms. People ask him why he is doing all of this. And he had a response.

“People want to know why I feed them every day. You eat  three times a day and they only eat once in 24 hours.”

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